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Innovation Click & Collect

I solve the problem of refining technical driven innovation for customers that are Pharma, Life Science and Biotechs delivering the value of an healthy products portfolio as I'm an expert of unveiling new business opportunities with the unique skill of foreseeing inflections from the convergence of deeptechs.

Do you face challenges?

We can talk about your problem and the pain you feel

Flying is the fast way from A to B

For a key customer, we redefined one of their bottleneck and replace a costly instrumental solution with a nanochemistry assay that scale

Ballpark for our mission

Here is the value we unveil!

We can enhance the solution you already have  to double their impact

 Get ready under our wing

Our benefit come from merging technologies in corporate business setting

We come on a niche support

We are not strategy consultant for M&A nor start-up guru for customer remarketing, we know corporate innovation and how technologies inflections can unlock new markets

Charles's angel

I was in charge of academia technology transfer and licensing for biotech novel modalities and after  joint a Science and technology corporate business builder 

Our joint roadmap

What we need to start!

Because we work like business angels and not consultant

we offer a different approach - the rule of 7

Our business model if different from a consultancy agency:

  •  We invest and get equity for the support we provide

  • We are incentivised on your success on the long run

  • We measure the value we create for you and we take a cut on it

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