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Business Angel support to commercialise breakthrough science and engineering

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Business Angel

I am conducting DeepTech centric Business Angel activities with small investments 5-10K€ and entrepreneurial advisory. This is a separated activity to my current job in Industry Science & Technology Innovation Lab, Corporate Innovation Management and Intrapreneurship Programs. Oppositely to VCs who's role are to make rational investments, I am more an entrepreneurial thinker good at seizing opportunities and help early stage ventures to find their sweet spot. I bring positive mindset and psychological safety.

Niche Consultant

Deep technology ventures are based on substantial scientific advances and engineering innovation. They require lengthy R&D maturation to reach commercial application protected by exclusive intellectual property.  

Large corporation growth is usually driven by expansion of current product portfolio completed by M&A of strategic business. A third driver for growth is to build internal ventures that can be developed as a nucleus for a business platform. Such internal ventures require exclusive building blocks difficult to replicate by the competition: The Deep Technologies. 

The last decade as seen emergence of core technology fields looking for new applications - I call them B.E.N.C.H:

B - Biotechnologies and in particular gene editing and cell therapies technologies

E - Electronics, materials architecture, interfaces or robotics 

N - Nanotechnologies enabled by new physico-chemistry properties

C - Computation with artificial intelligence enabled by the big datasets

H - Humanities, environment, society, cognitive an behavioral science

Deeptech - an old concept becoming the new trend toward 2030 

The last two decades were driven by the digital technologies and smartphones enabling new Digital Giants to lead global business with two continents in the lead. USA with Google, Facebook, Apple Amazon and Microsoft and China with Tencent, Bytedance, Alibaba, Baidu, Xiaomi

We believe that the next decade will see the convergence of those Deeptech to create technological leap and significant global business. The most obvious example is Elon Musk with Space X, Tesla, Neuralink, SolarCity, Starlink, Hyperloop which products are all based on advanced science and engineering.

There is now a race one the convergence of B.E.N.C.H: biotechnologies, electronics, nanotechnologies, computation, humanities. Understanding how enabling technologies complete each others and drafting path to commercialization is the topic that keeps me passionate and sometime awake at night.

Example such as CRISPR gene editing could lead to new therapeutics with the help of AI for drug design and Quantum Computing solving very complex drug target interactions models. Similar we see that biocompatible neurointerface with low energy consumption nanomaterials could be used in advance robotics control. 

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