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Lagging behind other pharmas?
Your life science
innovation strategy
has paid more than you think

Let's unveil the value of those streams together

1 - Life science companies

Design thinking and business model canvas can only get you that far. Instead, we can provide data driven decision regarding key technology shifts by sourcing and running stealth projects . 

You access key players, first served & at discount price

3 - Start-ups & Biotechs

You are stuck in pitching for investors and forgot about getting industry partners as customers. We can refine your value proposition from the standpoints where they would take the leap.

As business brokers, we get you a deal usually in 6 weeks

2 - Large Pharma companies

As integrator of technologies to streamline your process and reduce your operation expenses, your are constantly assessing external innovation. Working with our scenarios will reduce delay and sunk costs.

We map options on the radar so you invest wisely

4 - Investors moving into deeptech

You have been successful investing in web3, SAAS and ML platforms want to expand your deal-flow to Deeptech. We open our network of stealth start-ups to increase your IRR.

Our 5 days due diligence reduce funding risk by half

You win
We win

We are hired
only on the

value captured 
along the way  

3 Days

We break down your internal challenges into actions with external benchmark througth workshops and executive summary 

You can communicate clearly to your board what value you unlock and resource you need

3 Weeks

We build your team to work on the solutions and key benefits to learn enough from innovation ecosystems and conduct tech due diligences

You can secure a deal with a key partner at low entry cost and high upside for your board

Learn about our offering

3 Months

We build a venture around clear value proof points ready for business unit integration and first milestones funding agreed from your board

You start entering new market on clearly differentiated tech with a client deal at hand 

You don't want another consultant!
What you need is an

My name is S. Charles Carme and along my job in corporate venture building,
I have been acting as an Angel for sourcing over 50 deeptech opportunities, conducted dozen of due diligences and have stake in 3 businesses

I am on linked-in but in most cases, I am the one who will find you

They will all tell you about impact we bring !

"S. Charles got our research unit to join a large EU IMI consortium with Pharma industry with a particular emphasis on transferring many of our inventions to the market"

Professor and head of CNRS Chemistry Institute

"With strong focus and excellent liaison with hospital staff,

S. Charles got the fastest clinical study launched in the country to position a new class of therapeutics"

Clinician and Pharma R&D principal investigator 

"Since S. Charles helped founding and raising seed-funding for a leading French nano medicine start-up, we are working in stealth mode to launch a novel modality of therapeutics"

Biotech CSO and Cancer Biology Institute Group Leader

"S. Charles build and run several incubation programs in order to transforming the pipeline of projects in an efficient portfolio of options for enabling new business transformation"

Head of innovation center and corporate incubator

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