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Graduates! MDM the next MBA degree to train businessmen in Deeptech science and engineering!

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Replacing the Master of Business Administration, the Master of Deeptech Management will aim to train non-scientist in order to comprehend and be part of the raising science and engineering economy. It will possibly become a standard cursus in the best European Business Schools.

For one century 1920-2020, the global economy is lead by economist, political science, business profiles. Even during the last 20 years, despite the rise of digital technologies, many digital applications are still driven by businessmen. Indeed, since 2000, we have seen the application of digitalisation for e-commerce and digital platforms as a place for exchanges of information, goods, or services. Both have been transforming traditional economies to expand at a global level, mainly around retail and corporate services. This economical shift was simple to understand by new generation of economists, political scientists and businessmen and the underlying technologies, HTML, Javascript, were easy to comprehend. This has lead to successful start-up incubators who have produced many successful new ventures, as an example:

Interestingly, many educational programs have emerged to train economist, political science, business profiles to master digital technologies. Many coding schools for self learners have taken-off making programming easier than ever: the most famous and expanding being 42France exporting in 42USA, 42Germany, 4Portugal, 42Tokyo... However, starting 5 years ago with exponential growth, the e-commerce and digital platforms have integrated more complexe computation capabilities at the core of their solutions. This has been possible by the emergence of majors providers for cloud, artificial intelligence, data visualisation... At this stage, businessmen can't learn anymore by themselves and start to have less and less understanding of what their company rely on, while increasing dependency to science and engineering providers. There is a tipping point and in 10 years from know the rules of business will be totally different.

Illustration: In 2030 people with business background, lost in an era of deep technologies

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Since the 90's, Business and Finance have been highly popular university disciplines ensuring student career and wealth and justifying high education fees. This has become very successful education provider model with 200 AACSB accredited business schools in Europe, adding UK with 50 additional business schools. The level of education is excellent as wells as the quality of students.... to a certain extend.... such an education doesn't prepare students to understand the wave of deeptech science and engineering coming that will reshape many of the existing value chains.

Today the student graduating from the best European Deeptech Natural Science Universities and Engineering Technology Institutes have greater chance to be the creators and shapers of the next decade of business, with higher wealth.


Does it mean that all economist, political science, business profiles are out of the game. Not at all !!!! but sure, they need to evolve their skillset and retrain on those new domains. In other words, it is similar to what we observed since 2000 for scientists and engineers embarking on MBAs to evolve into more managerial and commercial functions.

2020 will be the start an raise of Master in Deeptech Management MDM organized by the best European Natural Science Universities and Engineering Technology Institutes.

Those programs already exist and will quickly evolve in the coming years into a more standardized format across the best institutes, they may be elitists for top students having high working and cognitives capabilities to understand the complexity behind science and engeering deeptechs. Those programs may also be expensive to attract highly competent faculty understanding how deeptech convert into societal and economical value. Those Master in Deeptech Management programs will propose economist, political science and business profiles the following 4 main MDM pillars:

  1. Preliminary refresher of the B.E.N.C.H. ... the deeptech science an engineering building blocks with Biotechnologies, Electronics, Nanotechnologies, Computation and Humanities - soon on my blog

  2. Explaining principles of the key enabling technologies per domain and their convergence for new applications - see my blog

  3. Introducing key concepts for innovation management and entrepreneurship with example of new ventures making technological leaps - see my blog

  4. Providing new tools for strategy and thinking in particular to understand complex systems in context of uncertainties and in complement to AI - soon on my blog

Here are some example of nascent MDM programs:

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