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Agencies & Consultancies - Corporate innovation landscape in industry

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

In this article, we focus in industry field such as chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, aeronautics, electronics, construction... We list different activities related to corporate innovation illustrated by different consulting agencies that have relevant offering.

We excluded big 4 / top 3 consulting firms, as they will be able to provide you good innovation support among different dimensions, usually serving as a one stop shop.

An alternative is to build your own expertise and rely on few specialty consultants.

Deepnovation Deep Technologies Deeptech Innovation Corporate Strategy Intrapreneurship Intrapreneur

Unfortunately, we know only a few and we haven't had the chance to interact with all of those consulting agencies. Those we recommend are in bold.

Innovation strategy

Mostly for CEO, CXO who are working on defining a strategy linked to innovation capabilities. Each company has their own focus, process and gaps for innovating.

- ECSI consulting

- Innovation copilots

- rInnovation

Innovation enablement

If you want to start building your innovation capabilities and externalize some activities at the time you ramp-up capabilities.. a good alternative to major consulting firms.

- Ideo

- Strategyzer

- Board of innovation

- Venture-Idea(de)

Innovation practices

Few specialty companies helping innovation units to adopt best practices and inherent process. There is an ISO 56002 standard for corporate innovation.

- Amplify

- Dual-Innovation

- Effectuation Intelligence

Creativity, Design & Business Model Innovation, Deeptech to Market, Intrapreneurship and Venture Jumpstart Studios

Agencies who can take your teams, run workshops from idea generation, to concept maturation, including testing market adoption of the innovation.

- MTI2


- Giant Innovation

- The Moment

- InnoDock

- Antidote-labs(fr)

- Vianeo

Technology landscape

Few agencies know science and technology and can provide some assessment of a market by doing technology landscape and interviewing customers for adoption. Many analyst can crunch all data necessary to build a consistent business case.

- Alcimed

- Institut For Future

- Inovo

Start-up collaboration

Some companies will help you to accelerate your innovation by matching your business units with start-ups and coordinate the interactions.

- Hello tomorrow

- CDI Labs

- School Lab


We will add few more agencies that have good resources for innovation management.

You can look also at the sifted -

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